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[SB1] Mobile and Indoor Propagation
[SB2] Mobile Channel Characterization and Modeling
[SB6] Remote Sensing
[SD1] High Power Microwave Applications
[SD6] Radio Technologies for Intelligent Transport Systems
[SE1] Wireless Energy Transmission
[SE2] EMI/EMC of Wireless Power(Energy) Transmission
[SE3] Terahertz Devices
[SE4] Terahertz Applications
[SE5] Subwavelength Optics
[SE7] MIMO System
[SE8] Metamaterial and Application
[SE9] Biological Effects and Medical Application of EM Wave
Antenna Measurements
Basic Measurement Technology in RF and Microwaves
[SE12] Electromagnetic and RF Engineering Education
[SF1] Subsurface Sensing by Ground-Penetrating and Borehole Radars
[SF2] Reconfigurable Antennas
[SF3] Recent Advances in RFID and USN Related Antenna Technologies
[SF4] Metamaterial and EBG Antennas
[SF5] Spectrum Engineering Technologies
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[SB1] Mobile and Indoor Propagation Dr. Hyun Kyu Chung (ETRI)
  1. [Invited] Xuefeng Yin (Tongji Univ.) - Investigation of Large- and Small-Scale Fading Cross-Correlation Using Random Propagation Graphs
  2. Jeong-Ki Pack (Chungnam Nat’l Univ.) - Statistical Site-General Channel Model for Outdoor MIMO Systems Based on a Path-Morphology Concept
  3. Young-Hoon Kim (Seoul Nat’l Univ.) - Measurement and Modeling of UWB in Indoor Environments
  4. Wonsop Kim (KAIST) - An Autocorrelation Model for Shadow Fading in Urban Macro Environment
  5. Jae-Joon Park (ETRI) - Indoor Office Wideband Channel Characteristics at 3.7 GHz
[SB2] Mobile Channel Characterization and Modeling Prof. Seong- Ook Park (KAIST)
  1. [Invited] Tapan Sarkar (Syracuse University) - Distortion Free Transmission/Reception using an Ultrawideband T-pulse Fitting the FCC Mask
  2. Hiroyoshi Yamada (Niigata Univ.) - Array Configuration and Channel Modeling of MIMO Sensor for Home Security Sensor
  3. Manabu Omiya (Hokkaido Univ.) - Throughput Measurements and Numerical Prediction Methods for IEEE802.11n Wireless LAN Installations at 2.4 GHz in a Residential Two-Story House
  4. Manabu Omiya (Hokkaido Univ.) - Comparison of Indoor Propagation Characteristics at 2.4 and 5 GHz for IEEE802.11n Wireless Local Area Network
  5. Seong-Ook Park (KAIST) - 3-D Polarized Channel modeling and Performance Evaluation for MIMO Systems
[SB6] Remote Sensing Prof. Yisok Oh (Hongik Univ.)
  1. [Invited] Duk-jin Kim (Seoul Nat’l Univ.) - Remote Sensing of Coastal Environments using Synthetic Aperture Radar
  2. I.-S. Koh (Inha Univ.) - Physical Analysis of Time-Reversal SAR Clutter
  3. J.-Y. Hong (Yeungjin College) - Radar System
  4. J.-H. Hwang (Hongik Univ.) - SAR: Polarimetry
  5. S.-G. Kwon (Hongik Univ.) - Soil Moisture
[SD1] High Power Microwave Applications Prof. Jin Joo Choi (Kwangwon Univ.)
  1. Byeong-Ok Lim (Core Technology Group, Samsung Thales) - High Power SSPA Based on GaN HEMTs for S-band Military Radars
  2. Jun Ho So (ADD) - HPM Effects on Electronic Devices
  3. Hae Jin Kim (NFRI) - 100 GHz Gyrotron for Plasma Heating
  4. Heather Song (Colorado State Univ.) - Microwave Power Module for Satellite Communication
  5. Jin Joo Choi (Kangwon Univ.) - Solid State Power Devices for Radar Application
  6. Seungil Park (NFRI) - 5 GHz Antenna for KSTAR LHCD System
[SD6] Radio Technologies for Intelligent Transport Systems Dr. Hyok Jae Song (HRL Laboratories, LLC )
Dr. Hyun Seo Oh (ETRI)
  1. [Invited] Hyok J. Song (HRL Laboratories, LLC) - Challenges in Glass Integrated Optically Transparent Antennas
  2. Ayman Duzdar, C. Thiam (Laird Technologies) - Integrating V2V Functionality at 5.9GHz into an Existing Quad-Band Antenna for Automotive Applications
  1. Hyun Kyu Yu (ETRI) - 77GHz CMOS Mullti-Ranging Radar On a Chip (RoC)
  2. HaK-Lim Ko (Hoseo Univ.) - Smart Antenna for VANET
  3. Jong-Moon Chung (Yonsei Univ.) - Enhancement of MAC Technology for Improved Vehicular Networking
  4. Hyun Seo Oh(ETRI)- WAVE Communication Technology
[SE1] Wireless Energy Transmission Prof. Byung-Jun Jang (Kookmin Univ.)
  1. [Invited] Takehiro Imura (The Univ. of Tokyo) - Wireless Power Transfer via Magnetic Resonance Coupling from the Standpoint of an Equivalent Circuit
  2. [Invited] Seung young Ahn (KAIST) - Optimal Electromagnetic Field Design of Wireless Power Transfer System in On-Line Electric Vehicle
  3. Sangwook Nam (Seoul Nat’l Univ.) - An Efficient Wireless Power Transfer Technique for Multiple Receivers System
  4. Kyu-Sung Hwang (KETI) - Magnetic Field-Forming for Wireless Power Transfer
[SE2] EMI/EMC of Wireless Power (Energy) Transmission Prof. Joungho Kim (KAIST)
  1. [Invited] Yoon-Myoung Gimm (Dankook Univ.) - SAR Calculation in a Simulant Human Body Which is Between the Transmitter and Receiver of The Wireless Power Transmission System
  2. Jonghoon Kim (KAIST) - Spread Spectrum Technology to Reduce The EMI from Wireless Power Transfer System
  3. Jae-Hyun Park (Hongik Univ.) - Analysis of Radiation Efficiency of Asymmetrical Wireless Power Transmission System
  4. Youngjin Parkk (KERI) - Analysis of Magnetic Resonance Wireless Power Transfer Using Multiple Self Resonators
  5. Hyung-Gu Park (Konkuk Univ.) - A Design of Transmitter for Wireless Power Transfer System
[SE3] Terahertz Devices Prof. Haewook Han (Pohang Univ. of Science and Technology)
  1. [Invited] Kyunghyun Park (ETRI) -TBD
  2. Ikmo Park (Ajou Univ.) - Antennas for THz Photomixers
  3. Hae wook Han (POSTECH) - THz Near-Field Microscope
  4. Tae-In Jeon (Korea Maritime Univ.) - TBD
  5. Joo-Huik Son (Seoul Nat’l Univ.) - TBD
[SE4] Terahertz Applications Dr. Gwang Yong Kang (ETRI)
Dr. Jung-il Kim (KERI)
  1. [Invited] Hojin Song (NTT) - THz Gas Sensing Tech.
  2. Jung-il Kim (KERI) - THz CW Imaging Tech.
  3. Gwang Yong Kang (ETRI) - A Folded Dipole Antenna for Terahertz Continuous-wave Power Enhancement
  4. Young Uk Jung (KAERI) - FEL Based THz Technologies
  5. Youngdal Jho (GIST) - THz Communications
[SE5] Subwavelength Optics Prof. Dai-Sik Kim (Seoul Nat’l Univ.)
  1. [Invited] Mark Brongersma (Stanford Univ.) - Plasmonic Circuits
  2. [Invited] Y. D. Suh (KRICT) - Nanogap Enhanced Raman Scattering
  3. Z. H. Kim (Korea Univ.) - Single Molecule SERS
  4. F. Rotermund (Ajou Univ.) - Nanotubes for Femtosecond Laser Mode-Locking Fabian Rotermund
  5. B. K. Min (KAIST) - High Index Metamaterial for Terahertz
[SE7] MIMO System Prof. Seungwon Choi (Han Yang Univ.)
  1. Takeo Ohgane (Hokkaido Univ.) - TBD
  2. Yoshio Karasawa (Univ. of Electro- Communications) - TBD
  3. Kentaro Nishimori (Niigata Univ.) - TBD
  4. Jinho Choi (Univ. of Wales Swansea) - TBD
  5. Seungheon Hyeon (LG U+) - TBD
[SE8] Metamaterial and Application Prof. Jeong - Hae Lee (Hongik Univ.)
  1. [Invited] Silvio Hrabar (Univ. of Zagreb) - Active non-Foster Metamaterials – State of the Art
  2. Atsushi Sanada (Yamaguchi Univ.) - Metamaterials in Millimeter Wave and Terahertz Wave Regions
  3. Naobumi Michishita (Nat’l Defense Academy) - Broadband Composite Right/Left-Handed Leaky Wave Antenna
  4. Bomson Lee (Kyunghee Univ.) - Analysis of Bandwidths for Various Types of Metamaterial Zeroth-Order Resonant Antennas
  5. Jeong-Hae Lee (Hongik Univ.) - Wideband Left-handed transmission lines with Crossly connected circuit
[SE9] Biological Effects and Medical Application of EM Wave Prof. Kim Nam (Chungbuk Univ.)
  1. [Invited] Masateru Ikehata (Railway Technical Research Institute) -TBD
  2. Young Hwan Ahn (Ajou Univ.) - Influence of Whole Body Exposure of 915 MHz RFID on Secretion of Melatonin – Preliminary Result
  3. Jae-Seon Lee (Korea Institute of Radiological & Medical Sciences) - In Vitro Effects of Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields on Gene Expression Profile and Cellular Proliferation
  4. Yoon Myoung Gim (Dankook Univ.) - Numerical Analysis of Thermal Effect of The Lossy Magnetic Materials in The Human Model by High Frequency Magnetic Field
  5. Soon Ik Jeon (ETRI) - A Dog’s Breast Cancer Screening Trial by Using UHF Band Microwave Tomography System
Antenna Measurements
Basic Measurement Technology in RF and Microwaves
Dr. Jeong Hwan Kim
Dr. Jin Sub Kang (KRISS)
  1. [Invited] Masanobu Hirose (NMIJ) - Far-Field Gain Measurement Using a New Expression of Near - Field Gain Correction and Photonic Sensor
  2. Soon-Soo Oh (ETRI) - Fast Phase-Retrieval Method for EIRP Measurement of Base-Station Antennas
  3. Yong Hee Lee (ACE Antenna) - TBD
  4. Seong Ho Lee (High Gain) - TBD
  5. Ki-Chai Kim (Yeungnam Univ.) - TBD
  6. Dong-Joon Lee (KRISS) - Reactive Near-Field to Far-Field Transformation of a Standard Gain Horn Antenna
  7. Satoru Kurokawa (NMIJ) - Evaluation Method for Anechoic
  1. [Invited] Ronald Ginley (NIST) - Recent Developments in Millimeter and Sub-millimeter Metrology at NIST
  2. Song Qian (NIM) - Analysis of the Probing Process in EOS System Based on EO Effect Theory
[SE12] Electromagnetic and RF Engineering Education Prof. In Seok Kim (Kyunghee Univ.)
  1. [Invited] Hyukjae Lee (KAIST) - Experience and Lessons from Operating RERC (Radio Education Research Center)
  2. Young Ki Cho (Kyungbook Univ.) - Mechanical Analogy of Coupled LC Resonant Circuits
  3. Yong Bae Park (Ajou Univ.) - The Development of a Computer Aided Instruction in Antenna Design and Coverage Analysis of Wireless Communication Networks
  4. Hang Seon Lee (Sogang Univ.) - A Physical Explanation on the Wave Propagation Phenomena in Microstrip Lines
  5. Ihn Seok Kim (Kyunghee Univ.) - Physical Concept in the Derivation of Boundary Conditions for αB/αt and αD/αt on a Perfect Conductor
[SF1] Subsurface Sensing by Ground-Penetrating and Borehole Radars Dr. Se Yun Kim (KIST)
  1. [Invited] Motoyuki Sato (Tohoku Univ.) - ALIS : GPR System for Humanitarian Demining and Its Deployment in Cambodia
  2. Sang-Wook Kim (Isung Eng.) - GPR Monitoring System for Evaluation of Asphalt Pavement
  3. Jae-Hyung Jo (KIST) - Switching Performance of Monostatic Borehole Radar System for Adjacent Tunnel Detection
  4. Dong-Hun Kim (Tohoku Univ.) - Study on Water Diffusion in The Subsurface by Cross-Hole Radar
  5. Seung-Hyup Hyun (lsung Eng.) - Clutter Reduction Filtering in Borehole Radar Signals
[SF2] Reconfigurable Antennas Prof. Chang Won Jung (Seoul Nat’ l Univ. of Science and Technology)
  1. [Invited] Nishizawa Kazushi (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation) - Reconfigurable RF-MEMS Antennas
  2. [Invited] Kyoichi Iigusa (Nat’l Institute of Information and Communications Technology) - Reconfigurable Antenna by Transforming Reactively Loaded Elements Electrically Invisible
  3. Chang Won Jung (Seoul Nat’ l Univ. of Science and Technology) - Frequency and Beam Reconfigurable Antennas for MMMB Systems
  4. Kangwook Kim (GIST) - Optimization of a Beam Reconfigurable Antenna Using FET Switch
  5. Young-Bae Jung (Hanbat Nat’l Univ.) - Multi-band Reconfigurable Basestation Antenna for Green Mobile Communication Infrastructure
[SF3] Recent Advances in RFID and USN Related Antenna Technologies Prof. Junho YEO (Daegu Univ.)
  1. [Invited] Jong-Myung Woo (Chungnam Nat’l Univ.) - Miniaturized RFID Tag Antennas
  2. [Invited] Raj Mittra (Pennsylvania State Univ.) - Some Techniques for Real-time Estimation of Motion and Range of RFID Tags
  3. You Chung Chung (Daegu Univ.) - Design of a UHF RFID Tag Antenna for RFID-Based Blood-Bag Management System
  4. Hae-won Son (Chonbuk Nat’l Univ.) - UHF RFID Reader Antenna with High Return Loss
  5. Won-kyu Choi (ETRI) - Circularly Polarized Slot-Array Antenna for RFID Shlelf in the UHF
  6. Dongho Kim (Sejong Univ.) - A Long Range Passive RFID Tag Antenna for Some Special Applications
[SF4] Metamaterial and EBG Antennas Prof. Sungtek Kahng (Univ. of Incheon)
  1. [Invited] Christophe Caloz (Polytech Montreal) - Recent advances in metamaterial leaky-wave antennas
  2. [Invited] H. Nakano (Hosei Univ.) - An Electromagnetic Metamaterial Spiral Antenna
  3. S. Kahng (Univ. of In Cheon) - Novel Flat Zeroth Order Resonant Antennas
  4. Tetsuya Ueda (Kyoto Institute of Technology) - Nonreciprocal metamaterials and their applications to antennas
  5. Toshiro Kodera (Polytech Montreal and Yamaguchi Univ.) - Artificial gyrotropy and its application to antenna structures
[SF5] Spectrum Engineering Technologies ETRI Dr. Jae Ik Choi
  1. Kyung seok Kim (Chungbuk Nat’l Univ.) - Radio Interference Comparison among FM, HD-Radio and DRM+ Systems on Path-Loss Environments
  2. Min jae Kim (KAIST) - Interference of LTE Uplink Systems into DTV Systems in Korea
  3. Dong woo Kim (Hanyang Univ.) - System Level Investigation of Isolation Requirement for Collocated LTE Base Stations
  4. Ho-Kyung Son (ETRI) - Analysis of Radio Interference through Ducting for 2.5GHz WiMAX Service
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