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Korea, traditionally known as the Land of the Morning Calm, is today a modern, bustling hub of East Asia. It is a peninsula jutting off of China, and Japan is only two hours away. Despite this close physical proximity to the neighboring countries, Korea has a distinctive culture of its own, which has developed during its 5,000 years of history. Visitors can expect to meet a lively population with its own language, writing system, architecture, cuisine, and many other manifestations of a unique cultural heritage.
The capital of South Korea is Seoul. Seoul has been the capital city of Korea since 1392. This city is the heart of the Republic of Korea, home to 10 million of the nation's 48 million people. Seoul is located in the central region of the Korean Peninsula. Seoul is the center of finance, politics, commerce, recreation, education and culture, and is home to major corporations, banks, government offices, schools, theaters, and entertainment facilities. The wide and beautiful Han river (Hangang) flows through Seoul and serves as a lifeline for the heavily concentrated population. There are rich and satisfying variety of things to see and do for residents and visitors aliked.

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English Korean Korean Pronunciation
How are you? 안녕하세요 ? Aan-nyeong-haseyo?
Thank you. 감사합니다 . Gamsa-haam-nida.
Yes. 예 . Ye.
No. 아니요 . Aniyo.
I am sorry. 미안합니다 . Meean-hamnida.
I enjoyed the meal. 잘 먹었습니다 . Jal mugut-sum-nida.
Please give me some more of this. 이것 더 주세요 . Yigut du juseyo.
The check, please. 계산서 주세요 . Gye-saanseo juseyo.
Do you take credit cards? 카드로 계산할 수 있습니까 ? Card-ro gyesaan halsu
How much is it? 얼마입니까 ? yisum-neeka?
It is ________ won. _________ 원 입니다 . Ulma-eem-neeka?
_________ won eem-needa.
5,000 오천 O-cheon
10,000 Maan
15,000 만오천 Maan-o-cheon
20,000 이만 Yi-maan
30,000 삼만 Saam-maan
Where is the rest room ? 화장실 어디입니까 ? Hwa-jangsil udee-eem-nee ka??
Goodbye. 안녕히 계세요 . Aan-nyeonghee gyeseyo.
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